Rohtang Pass

In India there are many places to see as tourist spot. In among the all places there is a beautiful city named Manali. It is one of the hottest destination as the tour trip in India. Manali is a small hill station in state of Himachal Pradesh. Please Click Here for more information of Kullu. Kullu is district of Manali, as well as it’s headquarter. In Manali there are117 various tourist point to go and enjoy the site as picnic or adventure trip. In many of the adventures place here it is a place full of adventure named ROHTANG PASS ranked as 25th.
snow hills of manali

Manali Snow Hills

rohtang pass manali

Manali Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is a pass on Pir Panjal Range of Himalaya. Pass means a passage between two mountains or valley. The name of Rohtang means “ground of corpses” because as the history of this place says many things about it. As usual name has been originated from its history. In earlier time people use this path as merchant path, because it connects Leh Ladakh. This is one out of all great Manali Tourist Places of Himachal Pradesh, India. At that time the science or mythology was not so advanced to predict the forecasting of weather. So, due to advanced mythology not available at that time many of thousand people were lost there life in this pass. That’s why it”s was named Rohtang Pass.
rohtang hills snow

Snow Hills Rohtang

rohtang beauty of manali

Manali Beauty

Rohtang Pass is located at the height of 3,978m or 13,051 ft from the sea level. So it is also known as “Highest Jeep able Road in the world”. It is not very much far from Manali, just at the 52 kms in North on Manali – Keylong highway known as NH- 21. Rohtang Pass connects Kullu valley, Lahul and Spiti valley. It is a watershed between Chenab and Beas river basins. It divides into two parts, one part is Kullu valley with Hindu cultured in South and another part is in North cultured with Buddhist culture. So, we may see two culture near by so this pass becomes more beautiful place.
kullu manali tour

Kullu Manali Tour

kullu trip manali

Kullu Trip Manali

As an proverb is said that Beauty might be dangerous, here this it proves that the proverb is true. Because to complete the journey it takes 4 – 5 hrs, in mean time any thing may happen it might be snowstorm or snow slides on the road or anything. Before going to this place we have to make special packing. Because as it is stated above we have to keep food and water and tent also, as we’ll not find any food stall and hotel to stay in extreme condition. As our safety we’ve to take permission from Indian Army before journey.

Manali Packages

greenery at manali

Green Manali

Rohtang Pass is closed for four to five months as per the weather and climate are to be very un comfortable for us. It is opened by the permission of Indian Army from month of May to November for tourist. It is closed on each & every Tuesday. It just 52kms from Manali but don’t think that it will take few hours to reach there. One most common problem for being late is JAM by the vehicles of tourist and army. So, whenever go try to go earlier as possible. As near it so many places to see on this way and ahead of it, they are:- Nehru Kund, Kothi,Gulaba, Marhi, Rani Nala, Solang valley, Rohalla Falls and more. From here one more view we may see that is “twin peaks of Geypan”. At the left side of the pass there is Sonepani Glacier and a small lake named Dashahr.
manali hills

Hills of Manali

manali valley

Kullu Valley

Here we may have some games also, not only the game we can say adventures game like Paragliding, a game in which we fly like a bird, one another game is Skiing, a game in which a person tied a long and broad paddle on foot and slide over the snow, in this you must have an experience, because it is a game of balance and speed, and the most adventures game is Mountain Biking, all the games you may play by paying on hourly basis.
paragliding manali

Manali Paragliding


Rohtang Pass Manali

To reach Rohtang Pass we have to use road by the personal car or a rented car. If you not want to expense much you may get the taxi or jeep on shared basis. As it is the hottest destination of tourism the Himachal government is also taking interest to make this tourist spot more safer for the people. In 2010 on the bypass a tunnel is being constructed by the government so the way should be more safer and faster. The tunnel is about 8.5 kms or 5.1 mile long, by this a person may save his time, in which now it takes 4 – 5 hrs for journey while through tunnel it will take only 30mins and distance will be shorter about 50 kms. Before going to Manali one should book own hotel and take advice from own travel agents for a memorable trip.
sking manali

Sking Manali

snow games kullu

Snow Games Solang Valley

!!!!!! Enjoy your Rohtang trip with Kullu Manali!!!!!!

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